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Hello there! It’s me!

So this is it. My first blog post on this fresh new blog! I’m actually kinda excited for this – I have been blogging for years already, mostly without all that much recognition. I got to be honest like that. But despite that, when I got the time for it, I still enjoy it! I enjoy sharing my thoughts, putting opinions out there, talking about the current landscape or I’m even writing some stories from time to time. I’m also dreaming of actually writing books; or at least some stories for starters. Something worthwhile that will stick around and isn’t just some lame ass text from some random blogger.Thats also why my blog (just like my previous one) is named like that. The random guy is doing things. In the end, it doesn’t really matter who I am. I’m pretty sure it won’t matter to you, at least in the beginning. For me personally the most important thing would be for everyone to recognize my writing at some point. Probably a point in the quite distant future, but I digress.

So who am I anyways? 

My name is Michael and I’m a 32 year old dude from Germany. I’m working as a software developer for a small company in my local area. I have a family – I’m happily married to my wife and we have a ~9 month old daughter. I like to play a lot of video games in my freetime. And I really mean a lot. TONS. No really, it’s basically my only hobby. I like to do other things as well of course, like writing, but nothing sticks with me like video games. 

Ah, what’s also kinda important if you want to know me – I’m an introverted shut-in. I hate humans. Most of them. Or maybe it’s just human nature that I despise. I can not say. I’ll probably go into detail with that at some point in the future. 

Which brings me to what I want to blog about here. As I mentioned above, I like to write about lots of things. Various kinds of topics. And I’m not here to appeal to anyone – I’m not gonna search for a specific field like food blogging or flash fiction to specialize in. I tried that already in the past, but it didn’t work. I get bored at some point if I’m doing that. No, I want to do various kinds of stuff. So I can’t really tell you guys what this will be all about in the future. You’ll just have to stay here and see for yourself 😛

That’s it for introductions for now. I’ll try to post somewhat regularly, although I have to see how often I can get to serious writing. But i’ll try to write up the best stuff I can come up with to provide entertainment for you guys. Even if it’s just one person who’s reading my posts, I’m a happy dude 🙂


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