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I hate IKEA

I kinda do. My wife has been asking me since yesterday that we should go to one close by – and with that I mean a 1 hour drive. You may ask yourself, ‘Why Michael? What does she want?’. Well, let me tell you. She wants a small stool for children so that our little girl can use it for her playtime. You know, she’s leaning on all sorts of things these days and if the stuff is movable she’s running around with it while leaning on it. It’s something she does so that she may learn how to walk. And that’s apparently why we need a stool, so that she could do it on that thing. The thing is, she’s already doing it on smaller stools that we already own. I get why we need a bigger one, but I just don’t want to go. But well, my wife really wants that stool, and who am I to stop her? And it’s not like I even could stop her anyways. Women can be quite stubborn sometimes after all πŸ˜„ And if it’s so easy to please her, why not? ☺️
It’s still a hassle to go to IKEA though. That shop is way too crowded. It always is. Meh.


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