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Bill & Bob: The Carrot

“Jeeze Bill, you sure about that?”. “It’s okay Bob, don’t worry about it. I got this.”. Bob, a lanky bunny with long ears and short fur looked at him with a doubtful look in his eyes and sighed. Bill on the other hand, a small and round bunny with long and messy fur, continued digging, presumably a hole, right next to a large white fence. “I tell you man, they got the biggest carrots over there. I heard the humans say it last night!”, Bill said while continuing his work with a hungry glow in his eyes. “The humans ain’t lying right? The woman said it with such happiness in her voice!”. 

Bob sighed for the second time. “Bill, did you eat that special grass again? Why would a human talk about carrots that way? They prepare their food in a place that is called a kitchen and I’m pretty sure this isn’t right over this fence. I heard her snoring once from over there. Could be their sleeping place”. He shrugged. “I don’t think it matters though, because meddling with humans is always, always, always a bad idea Bob. You hear me Bob? … Bob? Oh no…”.

Bob didn’t answer. A few minutes passed by while Bill was looking down the hole Bob had digged, arguing with himself if he should follow him.

“Bill? You still there?”, Bob’s voice suddenly was to be heard from the other side of the fence, hearabily shaken. “Y-you were right. They didn’t talk about carrots.”. 

“Now what did I tell you?”, Bill sighed for a third time while putting his paw on his forehead. “Now come back here idiot, there are salads that want to be eaten. Let’s stick to that.”.


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