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Stressful working days

What a stressful day today. Uff! That’s all I can say about that one. Work is still filled with lots of things that need to be done. Talking with absolute idiots about things that I absolutely don’t care about. A joy, I tell ya. As i have mentioned before ( I guess I did?), im working in Software Development. Which is a office job, I get it. It’s not physically demanding. But i tell you, it’s hard on your mental wellbeing sometimes. People usually never do what they are expected to do. Shit escalates 90% of the time. This all might just be a thing because I’m working at a small company, but as I have heard and seen in my life before, shit is even worse at bigger companies.
With that i don’t want to tell you that everything at my workplace is bad. Of course it is not. But a few important things are. My absolute biggest thing that annoys me the most these days is the absolute ignorance of my superiors. But let me explain.
You see, I’m in a “team” with one other person. We are the software development department of our small little company that, for the most part, just builds websites and content management systems. Not that kind of field where you usually would need a fully educated and studied software engineer. But i’m still working there, and that is of course because of specific reasons. We got one big customer (god alone knows how we got that one) who actually really needs complex software. And that’s who I’m working for. I really need to emphasize this, I only do things for them. No one else. Until recently at least.
Now, you would think that a customer as important as this gets some special treatment. A project manager, a sales manager, anything like that that caters to the demand of said customer. But there’s none. It’s basically just us in software development and the customer himself. We are like employees that got loaned out. Really grinds my gears. I’m okay with self-organizing my work and all of that, don’t get me wrong. I can do it, I’ve been doing it for years now and I’m good at it. But I don’t like to do it if I don’t get the recognition for it and if I don’t get paid for it. Which I don’t. As I mentioned before in another blog post, I usually tend to tell my boss when I’m annoyed. I did this this time as well. It didn’t really have all that much of an effect. He was eager to listen and promised me change, but nothing changed since then.

Yeah, so that’s why I’m a bit stressed right now. I really hope you guys are having a better time out there these days!


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