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Work and it’s problems

As the days go by you tend to be a bit more “relaxed” when it comes to a few topics. One of them is work. Yep, I’m talking about the whole work topic in general. Back in the day, 7 years ago when i started working (i was a bit late to that i guess due to me studying and all of that), i thought about work a bit differently as you might imagine. I was really diligent – like really really diligent. I was always there as early as possible (as I still do these days though), i worked on every task i was given, i never complained. I rarely ever talked about my opinion. And i always thought “you cant do this, you cant do that either. I better do not say this”. Stuff like that. It was a hassle. I also started out as a dual student (something like being a trainee in a company and being a student on a university at the same time). I was in a “special” position back then. I was not handled like the other trainees, i was usually separated from them due to different projects and everything. I still had to join their activities from time to time. All of that made it a bit weird too – I wasn’t part of the trainee group, but I had no group of my own either since i was the only dual student in the whole company.
So to sum it up, i didn’t want to stand out back then. I wanted to be a good worker, someone who is seen in a good light whos working hard.
Well that kinda changed a bit. Of course, i still want to deliver something good when im working. But i guess im more used to throwing my weight around these days. I make it known when im not satisfied with something ( although theres still a lot of potential for me i guess. Im not much of a complainer…). Additionally to that im also not taking work as seriously anymore. If im not motivated to do something you better believe im taking my sweet ass time to do it. Im not finishing it any sooner than i have to, but not later then that either. If i don’t ge the recognition for my work that i should get ( at least in my opinion), ill make it known. There are ways that you only learn about after a couple of years. Plus im also a senior developer now – there are no juniors at my company, just another senior, but im in a position where i shouldnt be easily ignored. I still get ignored quite often because my colleague is the more “important” one in my boss’s opinion, but they cant completely ignore me.
So theres that. I guess sometimes views can change over time.

By the way, I know that I was writing about how stressful work is in my previous post. This post is a bit contradictory. But I guess it’s fine 😃


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